Weight loss lessons

Today I read an inspiring blog post by Jim Dalrymple, of The Loop.

He wrote about his weight loss of fourty pounds over ten months, which is pretty incredible. For someone who admitted he never though about fitness before now, he has a great attitude. Here are the lessons I've learnt.

Become aware of everything you eat

Once you understand what your putting in your mouth, you become so much more aware of the decisions you make. Myfitnesspal does a great job at this, not just telling you your calories, but your sodium, protein, carbohydrates, and more. You quickly realise that some foods that are 'healthy' really aren't. That salad would be healthy... if it wasn't covered in french dressing.

Don't become obsessed

Using MyFitnessPal is an approximation of the food I’m eating every day. I don’t count the number of strawberries I eat, I just say, “Yeah, that’s about a quarter of a cup.”

One day at a time

I looked at each day in tenths of pounds. If I was down by even one-tenth, that was great for me. If I was up, I looked at what I did the day before that may of caused it. I didn’t feel guilty or beat myself, I just tried to do better.

Good days and bad days

All I wanted to do is try. Every single day. I’ll have some good days and some bad days, but I didn’t care, I’d just try.