Last week I became the new maintainer for Drupal Core's administration theme; Seven. It's worth spending five minutes talking about what this means for Drupal, if not for your benefit than at least for my own.

Drupal 8 is the first version of Drupal that I've ever contributed to and, as ‘backend developer’ isn't my job title, I've never maintained a contributed module.

I learnt the ropes of open source contribution in the Drupal Core issue queue. I'm passionate about making great things that people use. I got pulled into making Drupal a great product because the community was so vibrant and active. I care about making Drupal better.

This is very much new territory for me. This wasn't a role I was already doing and adding my name to 'MAINTAINERS.txt' just made it official. This was a role that no one was doing that we sorely needed. I had the opportunity to step up and ensure that we finish what we've started and make Drupal 8 — and beyond — a lot better for it. It was an easy decision.

For the past week I've been learning and adjusting to this new role. I used to get a kick out of seeing my name next to a core commit (I still do), but now I get a kick out of seeing someone else's name under a commit, knowing I helped them get there.

I've been tending to the untamed garden that is the Seven issue queue, as well as getting a really tight grip on the remaining work needed to implement the new Seven Style Guide. I'll talk more about that later but for now, here's a sandbox I whipped up with all the different style guide components merged together.

If you want to help us make Drupal even better you know where to find me.