Say hello to our logo

When we kicked off Convivio 14 weeks ago, we made a conscious decision to focus on the important stuff first. We launched a minimum viable website and started talking to potential clients and building up our core processes.

A brand built on values

Our very first step, before we even decided on a name or a brand, was to define our values. Values define what aim for and how you do. They inform your decisions at every level.


We already knew each other pretty well, so it was no surprise to find that our motivations and principles were well aligned.

“Convivio” is a name and a feeling

I love that we focused on what we care about before how we communicate that to rest of the world. It gave us a rare opportunity to have an identity that consistently reflects who we are and what we want to achieve.

We looked at these motivations for inspiration; to support each other like family, to create a healthy work life for ourselves and others we work with, and sharing generously.

Convivio is an Italian word that captures the feeling of family and friends being round a dinner table together, talking and sharing.

When we ran this idea past some previous clients, their eyes lit up. “That’s just how it feels to work with you!”

“Convivio” captures our deeper motivations and principles as well as reflecting how we work. Highly collaborative, honest, open, and caring.

Finding our Picnic Table

We hired Zach and Laura from Superhero Studios to help us figure out how to take these values and feelings and turn them into a visual identity. They did a great job of pulling these out of us.

They explored several directions with us, collected feedback, and iterated several times to find the perfect combination of logo mark, typeface, and colours.

The concept we selected was a picnic table. Like the Convivio name, it invokes feelings of family, good food, nature, and sharing. It also reflects how we work, working together with clients as one team.

I’m proud that we took our time on the logo instead of rushing something out for day one. You can see the time and effort that went into the final product.

I’m really excited to continue to build the visual identity from here, stay tuned to see our identity evolve.