Increase your chances of speaking at Drupalcon with an english session recording.

Today I was replying to a request for feedback for a rejected DrupalCon session submission in the frontend track.

Here's a snippet of general advice for any speaker for whom english is a second language:

We couldn't find any videos that demonstrated your english presentation skills. As DrupalCon is an english speaking conference, it's really important that we can assess this. Picking a speaker without any video examples is very risky for a track chair.

I would definitely look for english speaking camps that are recording video to help your chances of speaking at DrupalCon in the future. Maybe if a camp asks you to speak you can ask them about recording the session on video as a bargaining chip? ;-)

Camps that record their sessions are providing a valuable service to the community and to their speakers. We should encourage them by giving them better speakers.