Exporting from moves to Myfitnesspal

I've been using Moves constantly for two and a half years, mainly because you don't have to do anything to use it. Not even open the app.

It's a free pedometer/calorie counter, and it has the added benefit of not needing to be 'turned on' when you're going to a run or a cycle. It logs everything.

I've also been using Myfitnesspal on and off. It's really good at tracking calories ingested, containing a huge database of food information.

What I really wanted was for the burned calories logged in Moves to be deducted from my ingested calories in Myfitnesspal. It's possible, but not without a bit of fiddling.

Moves connects with several apps, one being Moves Export. Moves export is pretty cool in itself, it allows you to automatically checkin to Foursquare and export GPS and JSON. It can also post directly to Runkeeper.

Runkeeper is the link between the two apps, Moves Export posts to Runkeeper, and Runkeeper connects with Myfitnesspal.

Once you have that chain setup, voilĂ . You have automatic fitness tracking from Moves to Myfitnesspal.