Drupal Tales

When we're all back behind our computers, and we're all little blue nicknames on the internet. Please remember this moment, when where we're all sitting together, we're all people, we're all human beings, we all really want Drupal to kick ass.
Angela Byron — Munich, 2012

I've made some great friends because of Drupal. I look forward to the once or twice a year at Drupalcon when I get a chance to sit opposite people from all over the world and really connect with them. Even when we're all in one place, we're all so busy that it's impossible to sit and have a deep conversation with all the people you want to.

When we're all blue usernames behind a screen it's easy to forget every name is a real person with real lives and real emotions. I wish we could have these kind of connections more often, instead of once or twice a year.

So that's why we're starting Drupal Tales, it's about people who work with Drupal. Intimate conversations about their life, their loves, their goals, their inspirations, and how working with Drupal has affected their lives.

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