Creating a new theme for Drupal Core

A combination of residual jetlag and a late night of celebration resulted in another late start. Sorry team!

After regaining a sense of productivity I proposed a session for DrupalCon Barcelona: Creating a new theme for Drupal Core. Doesn't the site look lovely? Well done ADCI.

With Drupal 8 close to the door around Drupalcon, it feels like the right time to start discussing how we add freshly designed themes to Drupal Core. The benefits of bundled, general use theme are suspect. I can't help but look at the Wordpress community with some jealousy, releasing a new core theme every year.

The default theme that ships with Drupal is an expression of potential, it's an opportunity to show off what you can do with Drupal. We have overhauled major parts of the theme system in Drupal 8. We should show off what we can do with it.

View the session here