Building the Convivio brand — Part 1

We started Convivio by embracing the way we love to work, constant and quick iteration in the open. On day one, all we had was our name.

This week has been my first week working full-time at Convivio. My main responsibility is building up the Convivio brand into a memorable experience that reflects our purpose and values.

We hired Zach Inglis and Laura Sanders to help us bring our thoughts and feelings into a visual identity. This week they ran a branding discovery workshop with us, digging deeper into the ideas and culture behind Convivio.

In preparation for the workshop, we were asked to find images that we felt captured the brand as well as images we felt did not. These could be photos, logos, illustrations, anything.

###Images that feel Convivio

###Images that don’t feel Convivio

After getting all these up on a wall, Zach and Laura asked us to pick out images we felt strongly about, either for or against.

Next, Laura guided us to talk about why we felt the way we did about the images we picked out, with Zach diligently taking notes.

We generated a cloud of information that represented our conversation. It was great seeing these words staring back at us.

This photo is currently the only photo of Steve Parks next to a salad available on the internet. For some reason Steve and I switched places for the photo.

After lunch, slightly sleepier, we went through books of logos. We picked out logos that we liked, or ones we thought did a good job of capturing the brand visually.

Nature and food combined in the logo for the italian restaurant “The Park”

Everyone finished the workshop feeling energised and confident that our feelings about the Convivio brand had been captured. A huge thanks to Zach and Laura for guiding us through this step. We can wait to see what happens next!