Beers of the year 2016

It's a little bit late, but 2016 was such a special year for beer I know I'm going enjoy looking back at this blog post for years to come.

Cloudwater DIPA V3

DIPA V3 was released during the Brighton Tap Takeover and was a bit of a revelation for me. So fruity, so drinkable. Nothing reminds me of summer in Brighton like this beer. Closely followed by Bloody 'Ell and Juice box though.

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Mango Lassi Heathen

Super sweet but completely drinkable. Enough said.

Dame Melba Phantom

The aroma from this beer is just amazing, probably the first sour I could happily drink all day.

Dog E

I first had this in 2016 even though it's been around for a while. This is the only chilli beer I've had that has got it perfect. So expensive but so worth it.

Death by Coconut

Liquid bounty bar. Everyone I've introduced to this beer, including non-beer drinkers, loved it.